Eye Majic is a unique product because it offers a dramatic solution to the often tedious and messy application of eye shadow. Having identified that women face a challenge when seeking a fashionable and convenient eye shadow product, Eye Majic fills that void, with a state-of-the-art applicator that caters to women who are passionate about exquisite eye make-up, and women who have previously avoided eye make-up, Eye Majic opens a new door to fast, fun and easy-to-apply eye shadow.
The colour combinations and styles are almost endless.
In an overcrowded and sometimes chaotic eye make-up market, Eye Majic represents a fresh approach to eye shadow application, evident in the innovative approach it offers women.
What is Eye Majic:
Eye Majic is the world’s first complete eye shadow application allowing users to apply eye shadow without the burdened fuss of brushes and pots. It can be used anywhere at any time, without the need of a mirror. As it only takes less than 10 seconds to apply, users can keep up with the latest colours, fashions, trends and designs.
How to apply Eye Majic:
They say, “Practice makes perfect.” There is no need for practice when applying Eye Majic, as ‘perfect’ is achieved every time! It can’t get any simpler. Any mistakes can easily be corrected by using the other side of the applicator.
Step 1: Important: Close eye lid. Raise eyebrow to give a flat surface for better application. Using both hands hold the Eye Majic applicator firmly on the base of the eyelid for approx. 4 seconds.
Step 2: While applying comfortable pressure, slide the applicator across the eyelid in the appropriate direction to achieve a sharp look.
Hint: To avoid an outline, use the reverse side of the applicator to blend or tone the outer perimeter of applied eye shadow area for a softer look.
Step 3: To achieve a different look you can also apply a second applicator over the existing eye shadow for a more unique style.
Using Eye Majic you can also create your own fashion by applying one colour over the top of another and then blending the 2 combinations together or any eye shadow you are currently wearing at the time.
Benefits of Eye Majic:
1 – Eye Majic eliminates the need to personally attempt to match colours for any given event. Due to computer generated colour blending, Eye Majic will give a perfect balance of colour on both eyes every time, leaving no room for error.
2 – Eye Majic completely removes the contamination f actor. Eye Majic is manufactured, packaged and sealed by machines. Eye Majic will soon replace messy and tiresome brushes, sponges and eye shadow pots.
3 – Eye Majic does away with e ye shadow wastage. Eye Majic customer’s purchase only what is required in multiples of two, five or seven pack. A large range of colours and styles, keeps everyone up-to-date with ever-changing fashion.
4 – Eye Majic can be applied anywhere, at any time without the use of mirrors or brushes. The actual Eye Majic foam strips can be used f or any minor tidying up or blending, if required, again guaranteeing a perfect result every time.
5 – Eye Majic can be applied by EVERYONE. Even non-cosmetic users can achieve the same results as good as a qualified cosmetician every time.
6 – Eye Majic stops the application of stress to the eyelids. There is no continuous stretching of the skin as caused by brush and sponge.
7 – Eye Majic is neat and compact, ideal for carrying in purses and handbags for a quick change of colour.
8 – Eye Majic colours and combinations are endless.
9 – Eye Majic not only gives you instant and perfect results, but also lasts longer on the eyes than conventional applied eye shadow.
10 – Eye Majic reaches and provides for the 60 per cent of women worldwide who have previously withdrawn from using eye shadow.
11 – Eye Majic IS the quickest and easiest eye shadow to use in the world! The entire Eye Majic application process takes LESS than 10 seconds.


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Majic Beauty is the first Hygienic & Safe Cosmetics brand created for women of all ages, ethnicity and lifestyles.
We develop products and processes of the highest quality;
Hygienic, non-toxic, 100% free of bacteria, cruelty free, paraben free, no nasty fillers or preservatives and environmentally safe.
Perfect for people with sensitive skin, eyeMajic is fully recyclable – pigments, applicators and packaging.
We can help you stay natural and bring out your true beauty with our natural colors and non-toxic eyeMajic




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