Majic Beauty was founded in 1996 with a rebel spirit, a craving for something different (as well as better) and with an ambitious goal: to offer evolutionary products and processes of the highest quality; which are non-toxic, free of bacteria and environmentally safe.
Majic Beauty’s eyeMajic™ is the world’s first unique hygienic application system, allowing women of all ages to apply a beautiful blend of color combinations directly to the eyelid without any messy brushes powders stress or confusion.
eyeMajic™ was first created and tested in 1996 and then perfected and patented in 2000, for global scale production. Through extensive R&D it has been continuously updated and re-patented before being released into the mass-market in 2002.
After many years of research, it was apparent that there was a desperate need for a better way to apply eyeshadow then the conventional method – still being used today.
These neat hygienic little applicators allow a perfect balance of color on both eyes with professional results every time.  eyeMajic™ won a major product award for the best creativity and innovation.
Majic Beauty has one of the world’s largest range of color combinations; with many more currently in creation.  Our technology allows us to spontaneously create fashion as required, keeping us well ahead of other brands.
We at Majic Beauty have addressed many problems women face daily with our unique technology and application system.   We have ticked almost every box to make a woman’s life easier by giving her back her time and building her confidence.

The Company:

Majic Beauty Pty. Ltd.:  We are an international cosmetics manufacturer / supplier, specializing in Hygienic Instant Cosmetics.  The Company is an Australian corporation with headquarters in Melbourne Australia and facilities in Thailand.
The company strives to own two emerging niche segments of the Color Cosmetics Industry:
Instant Beauty and Hygienic Cosmetics
Majic Beauty has created and perfected a brand based on:  patented technologically revolutionary products and processes of the highest quality; which are non-toxic, free of bacteria and environmentally safe.
Hygienic Beauty through our new Technology & Safe Ingredients
We understand that:
– Today’s female consumer’s life is on fast forward. Time is precious.
– Age has become irrelevant. Life stages are no longer defined cleanly by age.
– Older women are interested in staying and looking young.
– Younger women are acting and appearing older.
– Beauty is not a choice; it is a necessity in today’s society.
– Life has become a stage in the age of Social Media.
– A working woman wants to look “professionally groomed” at all times and at any age.
We are:
– Offering a product revolution in makeup.
– Providing game changing products through technology and hygiene.
– No not only beauty products, we are cosmetics innovation products.
– Products that are fun, easy to use and time-saving.
– Affordable for everyone.
We know:
Women of all ages want clean, safe products!
Majic Beauty has the innovative technology; with proven techniques and products to finally solve the major problems associated with most color cosmetic brands on the market today: issues of contamination and bacteria.
 Our patented technological advancements of single use applicators eliminate these issues.



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