For over 10 years, Majic Beauty has defined the concept of beauty and spread its knowledge and expertise across the world. Heralding an army of devoted followers, we feel that by inspiring women, beauty can become a positive force in the world and guide the next generation into the future.

We love to find beauty and share it. We believe that beauty goes deeper than what is visible to the eye – beauty is sensitive to nature, the climate, light and colour, all five senses, and the many intricate details of life itself.

We find beauty all over the world; we find beauty in science and in art. We find beauty in the relationships we have, in the products we make and in how we engage with the world – beauty is now so much more; it’s a lifestyle.

At Majic Beauty, beauty is much more than an image, it is a feeling and when it is shared, we imagine a world that is, quite simply put, better. We appreciate beauty in diversity and throughout all of humankind – we believe beauty is a unifying source.
Finding beauty through R&D

Majic Beauty demonstrates genuine empathy towards understanding the way consumers comprehend health and beauty and its effect on human emotion, and with this, a boundless desire to convey the message that beauty is perceived with the five senses. Majic Beauty goes above and beyond industry standards when it comes to product quality, testing and formulations, and in using natural ingredients that are purified to our own high standards before being included within any formula.

Majic Beauty. Sharing our products since 1996.