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Majic Beauty began in 1996, as the first truly safe and hygienic beauty brand with an instant application process.  Following years of research and development involving finding the right material to hold, carry and transfer fine pigment to the skin, and testing to produce a formula made from high-quality and natural ingredients, the revolutionary eyeMajic was born. This is the innovative solution for instantly and hygienically transferring colour straight to the eyelid.

You can trust eyeMajic to get you out the door fast, radiating with the beauty and confidence every woman deserves.

Majic Beauty is a high-tech eyeshadow that addresses two major problems for today’s beauty-obsessed woman:


Many make-up products on the market use preservatives and fillers that are proven to contain toxic ingredients – not something women want to be putting on their skin. What’s more, re-dipping brushes and applicators, and using fingers to apply make-up, can cause cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria, placing users at an increased risk of contracting infections. Majic Beauty’s patented technology, using single-use applicators, mitigates these issues.


Gone are the days where women have the time to put a lot of effort into their beauty routine. In this day and age of balancing professional, home and social life, consumers are seeking quick and easy solutions. Majic Beauty’s unconventional eyeshadow applicators means less time spent applying eyeshadow, bidding good riddance to time-consuming makeup brushes and replacing them with instant eyeshadow in just one simple swipe.